Samsung Presented his new technology in airs conditioned

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Samsung presentó su nueva tecnología en aires acondicionados

Samsung Electronics Presented his new and revolutionary system of air conditioned, that looks for to transform the lifestyle of the users in the home or the office.  The models that will have this innovation in engineering of climatización are: Cassette 360, DVM Chiller, Súper DVM S and DVM S Echo.

"In Samsung, are engaged with evolving continuously our technology to offer the best products and the best experience of user to our clients", signalled Diego Puhl, Director of the Digital Division Appliance.

Samsung Transforms the systems of air conditioned when perfecting and incorporate advances in design, technology and effectiveness that augment the performance and the energetic efficiency; maximizando the use of the space and accelerating the speed of cooling.

Cassette 360: new circular design

The innovative design of the Cassette 360 is created to modify the flow of air. The auxiliary fan, only and revolutionary, guides the current of air to form a horizontal flow, generating layers of air refrigerated. These layers of circular air control the temperature of constant way with a uniform distribution of the air in 360 degrees. The control of flow ensures a fast and comfortable cooling without currents of cold air.

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